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김남길, 12일 훈련소 퇴소…‘공익근무 대체’

지난달 15일 충청남도 논산 육군훈련소에 입소했던 김남길은 4주간의 기초 군사훈련을 마치고 12일 오전 10시 퇴소식을 갖는다. 이후 김남길은 거주지인 서울시 강남구에서 공익근무요원으로 대체 복무할 예정이다.

앞서 김남길은 훈련기간 도중 솔선수범하는 적극적인 모습을 보여 훈련병 소대장으로 임명됐다. 김남길은 소대 선두에 서서 모든 훈련에 앞장 서는 것은 물론 충실하게 4주간의 훈련을 끝마쳤다.

한편 SBS 드라마 ‘나쁜남자’ 촬영 도중 군에 입대하게 된 김남길은 입소 이틀 전까지 밤샘 촬영에 매진한 것은 물론 입소 전 날 MBC 예능프로그램 ‘무릎팍 도사’ 녹화에 참여해 관심을 모았다.

사진 = TV리포트 DB

서은혜 기자

Seoul, Korea – Actor Kim Nam Gil, who is currently in basic training, will leave boot camp on August 12 and will complete his term of military service in the public-service sector. On July 15, Kim entered the Nonsan Army Training Center, located in South Chungcheong Province. During his four weeks of basic training, Kim showed exceptional leadership and took initiative as a trainee. He was appointed as the platoon guide to lead his platoon in drills and exercises. Kim showed great devotion and honorably completed his four weeks of basic training. Kim was conscripted while the SBS series Bad Guy was still airing, forcing him and the crew to burn the midnight oil right up to the night before he went to Nonsan.

<b><span >.”</p>Source: TV Report (Original article in Korean)
Photo from TV Report DB
Translated by Abe Jung /

Oh ok, I edited little bit of the post *and also the title* cause some text is missing. Hehehe, he looks more handsome and tanned, doesn’t he?! :). Thank to Soompi forum ^.* Oppa, you look healthier & energetic ^^b. Ciayouuu Oppa! Hwaiting!


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  1. Yes indeed he looks well and happy. So glad he will get time to recover from all his injuries from stunts etc. He will be content I think during his military duty.

  2. Me too, he looks…*like a shunsine*…hehehe :). Wish there will be more and more of his military photos ^__^

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