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Kim Nam Gil Laughing :D

At the end of the ceremony each prize winner was supposed to throw his hat in the air (like a graduation ceremony) with shouting his name when his turn comes (like ocean wave). So, everybody took off their hats and were nervously waiting for their turns. But somehow the order of throwing hats was jumbled since the beginning and KNG and his colleagues were wondering when they had to throw their hats. Everybody tried to hold laughs because the situation was so funny and silly and of course KNG did too. He can’t help, but burst out laughing when a colleague turned around to him and asked him “What are we going to do?” Since KNG burst out laughing, everybody burst out laughing too and couldn’t stop. :lol:

KNG is waiting for his turn

KNG and his colleagues started wondering what happened

Finally KNG burst laughing and others too

KNG tried to stop laughing

According to the fan who took this snapshots and uploaded photos, many KNG fans attended the ceremony. They put the large banner saying “We are very proud of trainee, KNG!! Good Job! KNG” behind him and showed big supports. KNG turned around to see his fans only one time (of course he was still in the camp)and he gave them a shy smile.

credit : cityyoung

Hepi seeing this?^^


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