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Voting Site : 2010 Mnet Summer Break 20’s Choice

Voting Period : August 8th to August 24th (creepyyyy, just have few days >.<)

Ok Guys, If you really fan of him, Vote Him Till Die!!! *lol* *he’s in no.2 now*

Key : First Click The 배 우(남) symbol (Actor (Male))

Open as many tabs as possible of the link before you start voting.
To vote, click on Kim Nam Gil’s image.

You should see this message for every successful vote.

Repeat the steps (click Kim Nam Gil’s image then click ‘OK’) for all the other tabs.

If after some time you have the time to spare for voting again, you can either use a new web browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE etc.) to vote like before, or vote in the 10 different categories before you start voting again for Kim Nam Gil.

This message appears when voting failed, saying that you have to vote in all the 10 different categories before you can cast a new vote on the same person. Access the different categories by clicking on the text in white as highlighted.

After voting in the 10 different categories, click on the purple circle as highlighted below. The page will refresh such that you can start voting again. There will also be a popup window but you can ignore and close that.
There might be problems refreshing the page, so you might want to enter the voting link again manually and refresh it, then click the purple circle again. (That’s what I did when the page did not refresh correctly, and after 3-4 tries of this I can start voting again.)

This is how the page should look like after refreshing, the text/labels of each link should turn white instead of greyed out like before.
Click on the Actor (Male) category to vote for Kim Nam Gil. Remember to open as many tabs as possible before you start voting.

credit : belva


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