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Go go go for now! It has been opened officially (26.08.2010)! :)


Comments on: "Kim Nam Gil’s Official Website Has Been Opened :)" (14)

  1. we are going to miss kng. 2 years seem to be very long. but we will wait for him. Kim nam gil just take care and see you after two years. hope you can visit your fans in the philippines. we love you!

  2. the site will be opened for foreigner fans too, can’t wait for it!^___^

  3. I will definitely miss you kng. though 2 years is a little bit long but you can be assured that i’m still here waiting for your come back. Just take care and God bless you always in all your endeavors.

  4. I think he miss his fans too^^, let’s keep the faith!^^

  5. yeah!.. I love this site.. at last I find this… I’m one of the biggest fan of KIM NAM GIL and definitely adore and love his character as Bidam as well as Lee Yo Won as Queen Seon Deok. I’m also a supporter of Bidam-Deokman(Lee Yo Won) aka BIDEOK love team. (How I wish LYW is still single!!!).. and here in the Philippines you guys really rock our world and even if QSD is over, their fans continue to grow. It’s like a virus spreading and we can’t find a cure for it…. maybe a project or shall i say projects of them together will do after his military service….

    Looking forward to watch them again on TV….

    BIDEOK forever!

    We love KNG!

  6. mwuah! hope to see you someday. . :(

  7. yes, I wish we have a chance to meet him :). He is so kind :). Ciayouuu galz!^^v

  8. Oppa ….wish to see you soon…. take care you’re self cz I’ll always wait for you…… Fighting!!!!!!

  9. verry nice Tkank For U

  10. aishie lee said:

    get well soon appa!
    we miss you! and we love you..muahhhh:)

  11. we love KNG!

  12. Anoet Mangu said:

    Happy Birthday! For March 13.
    A return in force, on the soundstages, after the military service
    Good health and work capacity. Are you an actor with a special talent. Of information on the internet I understand that you are a man of outstanding character and personality.
    Good luck, and a wonderful private life!
    And your voice, caress and soothe the soul!

  13. Congratulations Gipsy for “Kim Nam Gil’s Official Website”. I respect you more for you that.
    With love, Mangu Anoet

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