All About Life~

Summer’s Desire Quotes

“I am yours, but you are free.”

“In this life, you are still my bride.”

“The feeling of security is a thing of luxury.”

“I believe in Xiao Mo. But I don’t believe in fate.”

“The tighter your grasp is, the more painful it is.”

“Jealousy is a kind of fear..The fear of losing you”

“Love is a cycle. Only time will tell if you’ll win or lose.”

“You know if you beg me, I would do anything for you.”

“No matter how we encounter, I will still fall in love with you.”

“Happiness is like summer’s bubbles. Beautiful yet vulnerable.”

“Just when I’m finally within grasp of a happiness, don’t drag me to hell”

“Perhaps the past needs to be forgotten, before all the pain can disappear.”

“I don’t want to take you in for three days . I want to take you in for a lifetime.”

“In the end, it’s all my imagination. You really, do you really not exist in my life?”

“Since young, I felt something was strange. I had so much. But I always felt so empty”

“I’ll be back . Tell that Ou Chen, what he’s afraid of, I’ll return it back double in the future.”

“Since patience and tolerance cannot solve this problem, then we just have to declare war.”

“For people who are too similar, it is easy for mutual attraction and easy for mutual hatred.”

“Fate won’t be so kind to me. It always let me taste sweetness. And when my guards are down, it take everything I possess entirely away.”

“As long as she likes it, I’m willing to wear sunglasses, cover my face, and accompany her to the playground, watch movies, or go shopping.”

“So it’s the same feeling. I know you’re dangerous. Yet I can’t leave you. Instead, I’m attracted to you. It’s like falling into a vortex, unable to climb up, constantly pulled to your side.”

“I used myself to get what I want, but I didn’t make use of other people. You can use yourself to attain your goal, but you don’t have the right to hurt anyone else. That is the basic principle of living.”

“In the entertainment industry, its hard to tell what’s real. What we need is not our eyes and ears. It’s mutual trust. If we can’t do it, it’ll only be a mater of time before we break up.”

“I’ll compensate you. I’ll let you be happy, I won’t let you be scared, sad or cry. I’ll do my best to make you the happiest person.”

“No one understands how you’re feeling more than me. Give us a try..(Xiao Mo: Why?) Because I like you. Perhaps, you don’t believe it. But, I like you. These few years that I was gone, there wasn’t a single day where I didn’t think about you. You’re like a poisonous poopy seed. You’ll hurt me. You’ll stab me. You make me feel on the verge of death. But.. I rather be hurt by you than leave you.”

“I also want happiness, to be able to rely completely on someone, to love and be loved without restraints. But there is nothing worth your complete trust in this world other than yourself. The moment you lean on someone, you’ll lose the strength to remain standing when that person leaves and you’ll end up hitting the ground.”

credit : AF


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