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I Love Writing

I think I should write this. Thank you for coming to my blog. I really feel happy every time I can share something with others. I just wrote or post something I really like :). Sometimes I don’t have enough time but once I get it I really used it. I just want people to look other sides of their life. Anything can make us happy like music, films, books…anything! Beside that writing can express some unhidden feelings. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to tell others directly, but words aren’t just words. Now I feel the benefit of reading when I was still a child. Share something with others maybe one of the most happiest feeling in my life. ‘Hearing my ipod make me feel like there are some theme songs along my life just like theme songs along the movies’, my bestfriend once said it. I think life really wonderful for its musical life. Being grateful isn’t easy but it isn’t too difficult too if we can enjoy wherever we are. Ciayouuu ^.^///


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  1. thank you :)

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