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Skip Beat – Yoshiki Nakamura

Long awaited series, arghhh I wish Kyoko will be with Ren, not Shou >.<! I just guess when will be these series finished?? :)


Mangaka : Yoshiki Nakamura

Year of Published : 2002

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shoujo

Scanlators : Apple Pie Manga, Atlantis Dream, Chokoreto no Onigiri, Condensation, Datenshi Blue, Enchantment Scans, Eternal Light, Franky House, Goodnight Scanlations, Humanist, Izirae, Love Mission, Manga Downloads, Manga Rebels, Maximum7, Revie, Simple Scans, Skip Beat, Skip Beat Group, Skip Beat Scans, Starbomberman, Sugooi, Kaoru, The Folen Angel

Kyoko Mogami is the childhood friend of superstar Sho Fuwa. Kyoko was so mindlessly in love with Sho that she followed him to the city on his quest to become a famous singer. But she soon realizes Sho was only using her as his personal maid to take care of household chores and pay for rent. Heart-broken, Kyoko won’t suffer in silence–she’s going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz!

A funny and entertaining romance story of a “diamond in the rough” trying to find her place in showbiz, and the mysterious pasts of the people around her.


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