All About Life~

Quite funny drama & cute couple =p. Especially this song is ‘his dedication for her’ ^^.

la la la la la
la la la la la

Zhe shou ge yao gei yi ge ren
Ge sheng dai ti yu yan
Shen qing zhi zeng bu jian
Na yi ke wen ta de lian
Di zhuan tian xuan
Ai de gan jue
Bi ying tao gen tian
Shuang yan fang song shan dian
Neng chao yue ji xian
Rang ren wang le ji jie
Ai cheng le jing dian
Wei ta fu chu suo you ai yuan
Yao ni yong yuan shi wo de xiao wu gui
Wo ai ni
Mei yi tian

La la la la la
la la la la la

This song is for someone
Music replace my words
Affection only increases
That moment that I kiss her face
The world starts to twirl
The feeling of love is sweeter than cherries
Our eyes light up sparks and breaks through all limitation
Letting people forget how to reject
Love becomes classic
Give all my love to her
To want you, my small turtle, forever
I love you
Every day


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