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Korean Enakei

I really love any kind of arts. Τhe Korean Cartoons Enakei, in the recent years, especially in the Asian Countries – and not only- have become very popular and dear. They display girly figures, quite charming, giving them a more romantic style. The sketches of Enakei, are divided in 2 categories. One of them, which bares the name, includes full bodies girly sketches, usually traveling to European Countries or to promote ladies wear and accessories. The second and most important category is Jennie Enakei. In this, are displayed, exclusively the heroine’s portraits. Therefore we can say with certainty that we deviate from cartoon and we enter the world of art. The particular portraits are accompanied by key-phrases which describe the mentality of heroine. It is important to mention, that for the development of Enakei, the role of the models are taken over by well-known Korean Models.

The designer of Enakei, is the young woman Park Suran.

Website :

Here are some of my favourites ♥ :) :

and still many more…enjoy your day! ^__^


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  2. AnnyeONg^^
    MannaseobangapseumnidAa chingu^^
    1 COPAST yOur picture in beside
    With Tittle Bidam Oppa^^hehehe,,

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