All About Life~

Korean ‘Magic Time’

Sometimes feeling more angry, sad, sleepy, etc? Don’t blame yourself at all for some reasons girls, especially if you are in your period :) (your ‘magic time’ -Korean called it-). It’s just quite normal if you feel uneasy and sometimes more negative thinking is coming. If you have some problems in that time, I think you must be careful for make some important decisions coz if don’t, it will be regretful. When you are in your magic time, some hormones influence your body that can influence your emotional state. ‘Why I say that?’ “Why I do that?’ maybe you still guess it later. I think your environment will quite understanding when they ‘realize’ it secretly :). Be grateful coz if you still have your magic time appropriate to your age regularly, it means you are a lucky & healthy girl :). Be positive^^v


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