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Tamra The Island OST

I love track no. 1 coz it can cheer me up, ha3 :). Nice violin and spiritful :). Maybe quite strange for the first time when hearing it, but I loveee anything adventure related^^v

Set in the 17th Century, Jang Beo-jin (Seo Woo) is a young female diver on Tamra Island. She doesn’t particularly enjoy her situation and dreams of one day leaving the island. One day, to her shock, she discovers a young blond haired man laying on the beach. The young man’s name is William (Pierre Deporte) and he is a shipwrecked British citizen. Another young man named Park Kyu enters the island under the disguise of one of the many convicts sent to Tamra Island. In actuality, Park Kyu (Im Ju-Hwan) is a budding government official known as a Seonbi. These three young people then become involved in a hilarious love triangle.


01. 이어사나 (Ending Theme) / Jane Park
02. Blue Destiny (English ver.) / Allison Feder
03. Hey-Yeah / 하울(HowL)
04. Blue (Love Theme) / 미카 [블랙펄]
05. 반쪽 (With Sunny Side) / After School
06. 그저 말하고 싶어 / 하울(HowL)
07. 꿈길 / 김보령
08. Loveland / U주
09. Tamra, The Island
10. Your Tears (Main Theme)
11. Under The Sea
12. The New World
13. Nanbaru
14. I Am From
15. Run, Run, Run
16. William
17. Dark Lady


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  1. Hi!! There. I am looking for lyrics from the OST Tamra Island and also where can I get the OST album for the drama?? Tks

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