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Next week is the final exam in one of the lab *arghhh* but after sleeping and woke up in 4.30 am in the morning, I read this manga from 5 till 5.30 am, ha3 =__=a…this story is daily life story, but somehow sometimes I love clumsy character coz it’s kinda cute. And just now I just realized the mangaka is Kyoko Hikawa, my fav. mangaka since Junior High School! ♥ :) Hepi reading :), it’s a simple but lovely manga ♥^^.

Mangaka : Kyoko Hikawa
Year of Published : 1980
Genre : Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
Scanlator : Stage Storm, Barcarolle, Ivyscan

Seiko is a normal girl with a tendency for daydreaming, and Yoshito’s a fairly sensitive, subdued boy. They’ve been close friends since grade school, and now that they’re in high school, their feelings for each other become complicated. Though all of the diverse array of characters in the story seem to see it as plain as day, Seiko does not realize Yoshito would like to be more than friends.


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