All About Life~

~Man’s heart is like water streaming downhill;
Woman’s heart is well water—so deep and still.~

Sad MV, recommended to watch it. Nice MV, just feel like watching a short film & ***I’m really crying when the 1st time watched it^^”*** You can see all the video’s parts on the previous post. The stories tell about triangle love during the war scenes *remembering me of Pearl Harbour*. 2 Bestfriends, they fall in love with a same woman (starred by Ok Ju Hyun)…Actually the woman true love was the 1st man (starred by Lee Sun Gyun). The 2nd man (starred by Lee Bum Soo) also feel in love with his bestfriend’s woman. I can’t understand what they say but I think the 2nd man loves the woman also before his bestfriend going out with the woman. Although they separated by the woman’s parent, they meet again during the war scenes. The woman have married with the 2nd man, but she still love the 1st man. And the war speak about the end of this MV…hehehe, hepi watching^^. I hope Korean War will be ended, so many woman sad & cry waiting for their man to return back…

~My Love, it’s now goodbye, don’t look back and just walk away
So you won’t have one chance to look for me~


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