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~To the reader, I sincerely hope that your own unique nature is loved, particularly by yourself~ Young Kim

Actually the graphic novel had been released some months ago *errr, but you know I just saw it yesterday in the bookstore^^”*. I look it page by page n_n, at the first time I thought…why this graphic novel had western style but still the drawing was good *you know, if we compare Japanese & Korean drawing is the best if we talk about comics^^*. Then, flap…I saw the back^^, oh I seeeee…”Young Kim” name, that’s the reason!^^ I love the drawing. If you like pics, you will love reading comic, if you like fantasizing you will love reading novel. But, isn’t this good coz you can see your imagine to be sketched in some of beautiful graphics^^. I love Twilight because of its settings and quite different plot *you know, I think when you think about Vampires the 1st word that appear is “Fang”, ha3^^*. I just love to see how Edward is sometimes so clumsy, but strong enough to show his Fangs to protect Bella =). It’s not a rushed love, but an understanding & deep love.^^♥

Here are some of my fav. graphics :

I love how Kim draw the teary part…

The Cullen’s Family

Edward in her dream >.< *cool*^^

My fav. scene in the movie! so cool Edward^^

Love to see they hold their hand each other ♥ =)

Edward bring Bella to the Lavender scene *in the movie right^^*

beautiful green grass! :p

Bella really loves the place, isn’t she?^^

*diamond face* hehehe ^.^

another fav. sceneee >.< I love to hear the Twilight score for this part “I Know What You Are”

Can’t wait for another volumes to be released :)


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