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Happy Galungan ♥

This is my 1st time writing about culture. I still learning how to make a good writing. You know, after bombing tragedy twice in Bali it’s a sad time for us. Maybe people fear to come here…Actually criminal is everywhere, the most important is we must aware, be careful, protect ourself & don’t forget pray & remember God. I want you to know how beautiful Indonesia & Bali despite thinking about the corruptions or the bad accidents. We have so many cultures, maybe many people still don’t know it. I really love my country…I hope you will like my writing, not a perfect writing but I hope I can open your eyes^^. I want to know your cultures too^^. Love is so beautiful when we respect each other ♥.

Today we celebrate “Penampahan Galungan”, tomorrow “Galungan” & the day after tomorrow “Manis Galungan”. Hindu people especially in Bali really glad for this celebration^^. We celebrate the winning of “Dharma” over “Adharma. The celebration (Galungan) usually fall on “Rabu Kliwon Wuku Dungulan”. Hope someday you can come here & celebrate it with us^^. Everyday is special & actually we fight “adharma” everyday, but for this day is one of big celebration over the year. We celebrate it together, pray, meet with families, really a happy day^^. For me, it’s just like to remembering me we should being grateful for what God has given & thank God for protecting & caring us :).

Usually we prepare for these :


We arrange the fruits^^


We put it in front of our house


We put the flowers then hold it in our hand when we pray :)

Going to the temple

We go then pray to the temple together^^

Balinese Traditional Dance

Balinese people love arts :). In the way to thankful God, we dance


In this Galungan, people make cuisine from Pork^^

Do you remember this film?^^♥

Hepi Galungan All, Wish You All The Best Wherever You Are :)

~Life is like a pen and paper. Paper is your life and pen is you. We go through life making our mark wherever we go~


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  1. thanks admin very very nice post..

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