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He captures me! How can this married man still awesome ♥^^♥! I know Song Il Gook from Jumong *a teary part acting – if a man can touch it – that means he has a quality as an actor-*. Actually I had read about this drama some months ago, but I just don’t saw it in the DVD stores. Then finally I saw it one week ago. Just bought it yesterday. After watched it, maybe I could back to the past & say to the judges, “hey this man really deserves to be Daesang winner!” *lol*. Glad to know he won Daesang for Jumong^^b.

Really well trained body^^b. Song Il Gook typically takes on physically challenging roles that require sword-fighting, martial arts and horsemanship *although he also said, he took playboy roles too^^v*. Arghhh whatever Song Il Gook, I’m not disappointed watching this drama, worthy enough to be watched!

Still remember Han Chae Young from Sassy Girl Chun Yang? He will be Michael’s ultimate love. She is quite funny & cute there :). Actually the sexy one is Han Go Eun as Bebe Ahn. She is really really sexy, but she showed good acting! I think the male viewers will love her, hi3^^

I love the actions, this is how I want action film to be showed! Fast movement & passionate^^b. In real life Song Il Gook is a vice-president of the Korean Triathlon Confederation *ya, and now we know why he is so good in martial arts >.<*. Han Go Eun is a model too *that’s why her movement is really sexy^^b*. Despite that the movie used moon river song too in dance part! That’s my fav. song! Happy watching :)! After 2 years (from 2008 counted) finally he is back! Yeah, Song Il Gook as Michael King…really a king! ♥

Based on Korea’s most popular comic with the same name by the late Park Bong Sung

Official Title : 신이라 불리운 사나이 / Shinira Bulriwoon Sanai
Other Titles : A Man Called God, The Divine Hero (Hawaii), The Man Almighty (MBC Global Media)
Genre : Romance, Action
Director : Lee Hyung Sun
Scriptwriter : Lee Hong Ku
Broadcast Station : MBC
Number of Episodes : 24


A man named Michael King aka Choi Kang-Ta (Song Il-Kook) gains powers similar to a God. As a child he lost his parents and became adopted by American parents. He returns to Korea to exact revenge on the murderer of his father.

Kang-Ta learns that four people are responsible for the death of his father. While carrying out his plans he is betrayed by his partner Vivian (Han Go Eun). He is then nursed back to health by Jin Bo-Bae (Han Chae-Young), a woman he met by coincidence.

After Kang-Ta recovers he settles down in a slum neighborhood and finds peace with the residents and himself. But, peace doesn’t last long as Korean CIA official Hwang Woo-Hyun (Kim Min-Jong) is filled with jealousy that Kang-Ta has stolen Bo-Bae. Hwang Woo-Hyun then orders the death of Kang-Ta …


  • Song Il Gook as Michael King / Choi Kang Ta
  • Han Chae Young as Jin Bo Bae
  • Kim Min Jong as Hwang Woo Hyun
  • Han Go Eun as Bebe Ahn
  • Chu Ja Hyun as Seo Mi Soo
  • Yoo In Young as Jang Mi
  • Jo Jin Woong as Jang Ho
  • Jung Han Yong as Jang Yong
  • Lee Jae Yong as Hwang Dal Soo
  • Jung Dong Hwan as Lee Hyung Sub
  • Kim Yong Gun as Kang Tae Ho
  • Lee Won Jong as Park Hong Choon
  • Lee Hye Sook as Han Soo Ra
  • Kim Min Ji as Hye Jung

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  1. ridwan said:

    Haha…. The film is so intrestin. Dat I cannot 4get

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