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A Man Called God OST

My fav. one is God of Sun track no.16! Love to hear it from the 1st time…despite that the song usually comes in emotional parts of the movie, it’s just nice for me…sad but touching…I also love the upbeat theme like track Hero, Going to Battlefield. The happy tune one is Hawaiian Love^^. I love piano theme from A Love (Love theme) & God of Sun^^

01 아무도 모르죠 – 가비엔제이 (Gavy NJ)
02 나쁜 버릇 – Zia
03 Rain Man – 장우혁 (feat.강현정Of버블시스터즈)
04 조금씩 지워가요 – Run
05 Say… – J(제이)
06 나는 당신이 아프다 – Kyle
07 가지 말아요 – Kyle
08 상처 – 안젤로 (feat.박승화of유리상자)
09 나쁜 버릇 (Guitar ver.)
10 God of Sun (Main Theme)
11 Hero
12 Going to Battlefield
13 a Love (Love theme)
14 Chaos
15 Hawaiian Love
16 God of Sun (Slow Ver.)
17 God of Sun – Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra (true sound)


Comments on: "A Man Called God OST" (2)

  1. Thx for art – cool info bro!

  2. Song il gook yine her zaman ki gibi mükemmel bir is cikarmis helal olsun adama
    muhyul ve yeom jang gibi karakterleri oynayan birine bu karakter de gayet uygun olmus

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