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Not only in entertain world like movies, fashion etc…I think KNG’s influence is really strong outside that too. Like this best selling poetry book :). Dedicated poetry book for KNG who loves poetry :) ♥. Oppa, you are so adorable, so lovely! Hehehe :)

Piao Huiyu wrote a poetry book for Kim Nam Gil. Now that the poetry has gone into the best sell charts in Korea. Poetry that she wrote for Kim Nam Gil is getting a great deal of attention from the reading world. Piao Huiyu took the literary world in 1986. Piao Huiyu who has 24 years of poetry experience has recently publish a poetry book entitled “Bidam,Your Scent” On the 10th. This poetry is Piao Huiyu ‘s poetry that she just wrote it for the actor Kim Nam Gil who play the role Bidam in the famous TV show The Great Queen Seon Deok of MBC last year then got very popular.

“Bidam, Your Scent” got into the top 10 and hit fourth in Kyobo treasury records of the modern department for the best sales on the 13th. On the 14th, the publishing house for Bidam, Your Scent said : “Piao Huiyu through her poetry expresses the colorful depression that exits in the world, using the special sensibility to describe love, it can give readers a warm solace.”

Picture by : Xiao Xiao
Korea translator : Hong
Turned from Nan Gil Sights

English translator : Naturalblue佶


Credit :, Naturalblue佶


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