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Saeguk Drama OST, I always love it! Because most of finest instrumental compositions come from them :). Usually watching Saeguk Drama take more “energies” to understand it, but I love the qualities of the story^^b. The heroic, falling, romance, fighting, martial arts parts etc really really besttt :). Here is The Kingdom Of The Winds OST, the drama about the life of Jumong’s grandson, Moo Hyul, who later became Daemusin (played by Song Il Gook too ♥).


01 무휼의 노래 Muhyul (Theme song)

02 유리왕 King Yuri

03 살아서도.. 죽어서도.. – 휘성 Alive, but.. even in death… – Wheesung

04 가야만 하는길 The road I must take

05 가을의 사랑 Autumn Love

06 다애(多愛) – 브라운아이드걸스  More than love – Brown Eyed Girls

07 영웅의 길 The way of the hero

08 연 A year

09 나 살아 생전에 – 박완규 For as long as I lived – Park Wan Gyu

10 포기하지 말라 Don’t give up

11 대무신왕 King Daemusin

12 소원 – 견우 Wish – Kyeon Woo

13 바람의 나라 Kingdom of the wind

14 검과 꽃 Sword and Flowers

15 황조가 – 정표 The throne – Jeong Pyo

16 운명 Fate

17 사랑아 – 후 Love is – Who

18 검은비 Black Rain

19 반쪽 사랑 – 정석 Half Love – Jeong Seok

20 진격 March on/Advance to the attack

21 개선 Triumphal return

Credit : jazzholic


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