All About Life~

My fav. one is track no. 15 (wang ja eh yuh jung) & track no. 19 (heaven). The meaning of track no 15 is “the journey of the prince”, I heard it when I watched Jumong MV for the first time. And for Heaven, it remembering me of yellow flowers scene of Haemosu & his wife, so sad & lovely T.T. Till now, I’m not finished yet watching Jumong *sigh*. Love all of the OST, One of Best Saeguk Drama. The plot, the cast, settings, OST, director etc are truly amazing :). We can learn many from history, aren’t we? :)


Part 1

01. joo mong (Main Theme)
02. ha neul ee yuh je bal – Insooni
03. chun ae – Ji Kyung
04. yak sok – Lee Sung Wook, Han Ji Won
05. chuh eum chuh rum – Lim Tae Kyung
06. oon myung eh kal
07. sa mo
08. pi eh jun jang
09. hae mo soo Theme
10. choo juk
11. baek il mong
12. chul gi goon eh seub gyuk
13. uh doom eh neup
14. gyul too
15. wang ja eh yuh jung
16. seul peun oon myung
17. nan saeng shin hwa
18. gae byuk
19. Heaven
20. joo mong (Ending Theme)
21. chun ae 2 – Bae Da Hae

Part 2

01. SarangUi Gieok (“Memories of Love”) – Jo Su Mi, Kuramoto Yuki

02. Yeongwonhan Bit (“Eternal Light”)

03. SesangI NaReul Ora Hane (“The World Calls Me”) – In Soon I

04. Akmong (“Nightmare”)

05. YeongungUi Buhwal (“Rebirth of the Hero”)

06. S0arangUi Gieok (“Memories of Lo7ve”) – Piano Version

07. Hero

08. MijiUi Ddang (“Unknown Land”)

09. Pungun (“Whirlwind”)

10. Amtu (“Secret Strife”)

11. Bimil (“Secret”)

12. DamulGunUi Huye (“Damul Army’s Offspring”)

13. Biryeon (“Tragic Love”)

14. ParanUi Sewol (“Stormy Period”)

15. Widehan Jeonseol (“Great Legend”)

16. Eummo (“Conspiracy”)

17. Pokpung (“Storm”)

18. BimangRok (“Memorandum”)

19. SarangUi Gieok (“Memories of Love”) – Instrumental

20. Ju Mong – Ending Title (Dialogue)


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