All About Life~

Happy Mother’s Day to my beloved mother ♥ & all of mothers around the world :) ♥. While hearing one of Indonesian Song…remembering some memories…Mother, I think most of people will say she is the one who inspire them :). For me it’s “reason”. So many reasons…

♥ Mother who goes to city when I was just a child, when I cried running for her, when I hope she won’t leave me for some days. But she goes to show her love for me. She always work hard to ensure her child is fine. Mother who sleep less, mother who wake up early, mother who wipes her tears even she is in difficult time, mother who eat last, mother who always support me…For not misunderstanding, actually at that time I live in the village *lovely village*. In some days sometimes my mother goes to city to help my grandmother *I cried & scream usually, ha3^^”*

♥ Mother who work harder more than anyone else…sometimes I’m ashamed with myself when I work hard less, I just think if my mother work that hard why I’m be like this…then I”ll try work harder & harder *you know I don’t want to lose from her, he3 :p*.

♥ Mother who cooks & bring the food when I’m hungry. There are times when our life become “quite hard”. While I’m mumbling and mumbling or crying, she will bring food. Food when I need it the “most”. Then I just eat, everything seem ok once again :D. Mother & father who teach me to not waste the food *my plate is usually clean*. They will tell, Can you imagine how African people survived? Just remembering how hard maybe they get food,  usually I won’t waste my food^^”. One of way being grateful to God, I think God”ll happy too :D ♥

♥ Mother who tell me positive thinking. When I’m pissed I”ll tell my mother bla bla bla till I’m tired & repeated it again & again *hi3*. Then she will say, don’t be like them :). Be better, be who you are *ah my father tell this also*, don’t be sad you”ll be stronger :). The one I love the most from my parent is they really appreciate education & encourage me to reach my dreams to the fullest :p


I want to write more, but arghhh there is a task I must do for school T-T *give me luck, mom!*^^. Wherever you are, I hope you”ll respect woman, respect our mother & our “future” mother. Without mother, we are nothing. If you have some problems with your mother, communicate it with her, don’t keep it for so long. Being loved & love our lovely mother is one of greatest love we get in life :). Grab your phone, mail, tell her that ♥I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, MOM!!! :)♥


~I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always followed me.

They have clung to me all my life.~ Abraham Lincoln


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