All About Life~

Reading this manhwa is full of joy :D. Really funny & I can’t stop laughing! :D. While the woman feels like she is  the most beautiful one, the man actually drags to her “unique” personality :D. This is the sequel of “The Sexy Simpleton” , a previous manhwa by Hwang Mi Ri too :). They come back to last century & “take” their adventure^^. While the Khubilai Khan looks really similar to the Prince, what will happen when he fall in love with Eun Bi?^^ Happy reading!

Manhwaka : Hwang Mi Ri
Year of Published : 2004
Genre : Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo
Scanlator : Hwang Mi Ri’s Palace

This is the sequel series to Sexy Simpleton, but don’t worry you won’t be lost! Eun Bi, the popular CF model, is back in modern times with her ancient Chinese boyfriend. Yet the adventure’s not over yet, as she’s transported back into ancient China. Will she manage to find the shoes that can bring her back?


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