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DBSK meaning is “The Rising Gods of the East”. So that’s the God is back! :) “We Are Dong Bang Shin Ki”, now I love to repeat hearing that phrase after watching the teaser’s end, hi3 ^___^. Hongmin are cool!!! Although it”ll be coolest if another 3 members can join it. 5 DBSK is best, however they have choose their ways. Still happy DBSK is alive, better than nothing or can’t see them. I love the 3rd teaser, nice! Love their dance & I think the song”ll be good  too ^___^.

The special edition album with 100 pages photobook will be released on 05.01.2011 while the standard edition will be released on 12.01.2011. The special edition contains 10 songs, while the standard edition will include a bonus track, bringing the total to 11.

1st Teaser

2nd Teaser

3rd Teaser

Keep Your Head Down Track List

01. Why (Keep Your Head Down)
02. Story I Don’t Want to Believe
04. CRAZY (Feat. Jay from Trax)
05. Honey Funny Bunny (Yunho)
07. Confession (Changmin)
08. Our GAME
09. SHE
10. Athena (Athena OST)
11. Trip (Paradise Ranch OST)

Credit : allkpop


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