All About Life~

LA.G La from do re mi fa sol LA si do, G for Gorgeous! Waa nice new girl band! :). I ♥♥♥ classical mixing. It isn’t true  if people say classical is dull/boring. Many melodies even rock tune come from classical :)♥. Here is new five member girl band : Ian (cello), Tanya (violin), Dahee (piano), Rua (violin), dan Rahyun (drum) :). I love the violinnn & cello part :))!! I don’t regret hearing them, nice classical kpop ladies!^__^. And with their cover, just enough to tell me how classical they are^^♥. Can’t wait to see their performances :). Have a bright day LA.G!^^


Language: Korean
Release Date: 2011.02.11

01 착각하지마 (Feat.Shingun)
02 흔들려
03 착각하지마 (LA.G Ver.)
04 착각하지마 (Instrumental)
05 흔들려 (Instrumental)



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