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Dr. Frost Manhwa

Just read 6 pages of chapter 1 from this manhwa^__^. Nice! When I was still in early semester of medical faculty we talked about “body languages”. My friend would give some examples then give the explanations…When I saw this manhwa just now I really likeee it!  Finally someone bring up this topic & despite that I ♥ psychology :). It’s just interesting, like how interest I am when reading Sherlock Holmes, ha3^^v. Happy reading! ♥


“both females & males have different ‘poses’. there is an ‘open’ pose and a ‘closed’ pose”

“in truth there is just six billion ways of expressing a person”


Manhwaka : Lee Jong Bum
Year of Published : 2011
Genre : Drama, Psychological, Seinen
Scanlator : The Company

We trust professionals with our money. We also trust professionals with our bodies. We even trust them with the most meticulous tasks, like decorating our homes and educating our children. Even marriage decisions. We could trust professionals with so many things. However, what about our minds?

The story of a genius psychologist, Dr. Frost.


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