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Rimi – Rap Messiah

Wanna hearing a rapper? :) Here is Rimi brings different taste of music with her rap & hip hop ^.^. My fav. track are track no 11, 12, 13 :))) because I love the piano tunes ^__^!

Download :

01. Rimi is Back
02. Queen
03. Everyday
04. Rap Messiah
05. 림교
06. 개이름 (Feat. Nodo)
07. Flashing Lights (skit)
08. Imma Star (Feat. Warmman, 감자)
09. In da Kitchen (Feat. Louie Cardin)
10. 시발이오 (Feat. 조현아)
11. 끝내러 가는 길
12. Nothing About Us (Feat. The Quiett, San E)
13. Tonight
14. 도망(Run Away) (Feat. Swings, b-soap, 조현아)
15. Understand (Feat. 조현아)
16. 얼굴이 못생겨서 싫었던 거니?


Credit : ihoneyjoo


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