All About Life~

Looking this album because of the title, ‘wow…poetic symphony?’ :p. And no regret at all after hearing it!♥. One Full Album with all good songs, not bored hearing each of it! The mix of piano touch, pop, hip hop, rap is my fav.! Something beautiful isn’t always packed in elegant way, but can be in energetic & reflect the youth’s spirit :). My most fav. track is track no. 9 Take A Love! The piano theme is best because hahaha…if people hear it carefully, it takes some of Pachelbel’s Cannon spirit^___^. Track no.2 Only You is nice too^_^. Happy hearing ^^, wish your day”ll be brighter with this :)

Download :

01 Andante Espressivo
02 오직 그대만을
03 어떻게 잊어요
04 하루종일 비가내려
05 Day By Day
06 지금은 헤어져도
07 못다한 이야기
08 You’re My Fire (Feat. 조혜리)
09 Take A Love (Feat. Yoon Mi )
10 Because Of You (Feat. Hye Ryoung)
11 Christmas Party (Feat. Snofeel)
12 Let Me Love U
13 Acoustic Movie


credit : ihoneyjoo


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