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Some of KNG’s fans asked me, how’s KNG doing? How is his condition? Do you get any news about him? Hope with small writing from mine KNG’s fans”ll be happier :). I got these articles below & I just want to say my point of view :). Actually the prologue makes me decide to rewrite these articles :). Especially prologue no.2 is my fav.! KNG is genius in writing poem ^_^b…He wrote some poems, that poems I think actually based on KNG’s experiences & KNG’s life journey. In part one maybe he tells about Lee Han’s name, in part two about life as an actor & ordinary people, in part three about how’s finally he decides to make this book :). This is really interesting “It includes both the story of the rain and the doll, the old and worn notebook.” :) I think there are still many interpretations for this prologue…The most important one is…We love KNG just how the way he is :). I think you”ll be happy knowing these lovely writing from KNG :). Happy reading ^_^.


The first edition of pictorial album  Kim Nam Gil which entitled  ‘Into The Wild ” was sold out on March 16th.  An article from STAR said , “released from last March 7th, the first edition pictorial of Kim Nam Gil  was sold out over 3000 copy”. It also said  “will be upcoming to 2000 print out more”

All photos were taken from Indonesia and the United States. Photo’s album with title ‘Into The Wild” have the same name with a film that was directed by Sean Penn in 2007, based from the best seller nonfiction book  with the same name (writer : Jon Krakauer) about survival journey of  Christopher McCandless. (hemm (^m,^) maybe the photographer was inspired by this story).

credit : cine21, luffy at allaboutkimnamgil


The first edition of over 3000 copies was sold out 8 days after the release, on March 16.

Title: Kim Nam Gil, journey and record Into the Wild
Author: Kim Nam Gil
Publication Date: 2010/03/08
Publisher: The Book Company, Korea
ISBN 89-91317-51-2

For my beloved fans

I took a break for about two months after filming Queen Seon Deok. Usually I would just stay at home to sleep, not stepping out of my house at all. But I’m unable to do so this time round. I will have to temporarily leave all of you after filming my new drama. Even with my optimistic personality, I still feel vexed when I think of having to be away from you all for some time. During the past two months when I’m away from home and went to travel, I produced a thin book. My current appearance as well as the diary I’ve written for a long time will be included in it. Viewing it once in a while so as to not forget each other, my life’s record.

Sincerely yours,
actor Kim Nam Gil


006 Prologue
016 Actor, Kim Nam Gil
018 Hello, sweety!
020 Goodbye Solo
022 The Morning I Wish Everything was Back to Normal
026 Habit
028 Type AB + Pisces
030 Quietly Listening Attentively
034 Just, a Record
038 If One can be Full Without Eating
040 Breathing of a Flower Pot
042 Mom
044 Bath House and Billiard Hall
046 World’s End Girlfriend
048 My First Train Travel
052 Style
054 Las Vegas
056 Cigarettes and Baseball
058 Back View
066 Valentine’s Day
068 Beeper
070 Not Gaining Weight
072 Newspaper Delivery
074 Passport Number
076 Between Afternoon 5 O’clock to 6 O’clock
080 Justice
082 The Karaoke Room that I go alone
084 Jae Young Hyung
086 How are People Beautiful like this
088 Into the Wild
094 Smallest Status
096 Rebuilding
098 Reason to Live
100 Once Upon a Time
102 Epilogue



Going unnoticed, water vapor filled the window rear.
Since when did it start flowing down silently.
The window froze, the ground soaked, even the wind was moist.
The whole world was wet after the rain.

People asked what is my name.
Even though I have said it loudly many times
yet all the time, like it was the first, my name was asked.
Indistinct face, even the name is forgotten.

Facing the sky, calling out my own name countless times.
That rumbling sound dispersed, once again forming rain, dripping down.
That is already a story from long ago.

There is a doll with two heads.
Though there is only one heart, the doll has two faces.
Only one body, but two faces
living is twice as strenuous.

But the doll is very happy.
Because it can use two different faces
living a life different from all others.

The teenager placed a notebook by his pillow.
Because he came down with an illness
an illness that has to be remembered no matter what.

87 thousand 6 hundred hours of records
his sorrowful notebook.
Never once had he shown anybody records of his innermost thoughts.

Now he very carefully opens up the notebook.
People start reading his notebook.
It includes both the story of the rain and the doll, the old and worn notebook.

credit : community.livejournal


Comments on: "Kim Nam Gil’s Prologue From Into The Wild" (4)

  1. Ayşe Gerdaneri said:

    It’s beautiful.Thanks for sharing about Kim Nam Gil

  2. i miss this guy doing drama cos he’s a great actor. I’m sure when he finish his military service he’ll have lots of project. Kindly give us some updates and latest picture of Mr Kim his fans really miss him so much.

    • me too :). I likeee him so much, I’m his big fans ♥ :). hope KNG”ll be better & better. Let’s wait together!^^

  3. arirang said:

    It is a pity that unlike Hungary does not have access to KNGvel kapcsolatban.Se book nor movie.

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