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This chapter really mean a lot for me…maybe because this tells about how’s KNG feeling especially about disaster & Indonesia…really thank KNG for his visiting to Indonesia…1 week of New Year KNG came to Padang. At that time I just began to be his fans, really make me happy a lot. KNG is a down to earth man and helping others for him isn’t only about promotion, photo shoot etc etc…What a kind & rare man :)

I used to think that helping others is hypocritical.
My family had a hard time making a living
putting others before my family
is something that is self-deceiving.

Even with good intentions of helping fellow actors
still feels like a bad thing.
Helping others seems to be an act of obligation
which I don’t feel comfortable seeing either.

Actor Kim Nam Gil in a certain charity organization
records of taking care of children or
distributing emergency relief items in a country hit by earthquake
seeing my own appearance causes me to blush and redden.

Because being in poverty and having a hard time
is what I know better than anyone else
thus all the things I am doing now seems to be a lie.

While in Indonesia’s Sumatra Island
volunteering in the repair of the earthquake damages
broadcast camera followed closely behind me.

With children who would cry at the slightest mention of earthquake
on this ruined land where many lives were lost
what exactly am I doing, I got angry at myself.

The things I am able to do for these people who are facing difficulties
are far too insignificant.
Therefore I feel even more angry.

However people say
as a public figure, being a good example itself
is the smallest status.

This smallest status
is pushing me forward.

credit :

Pictures courtesy of Plan Korea & KNG Daum Cafe

Belleva @kim-nam-gil.livejournal


Comments on: "Kim Nam Gil 094 Smallest Status" (2)

  1. Ayşe Gerdaneri said:

    Thank you for sharing this.I’m happy to have a chance to know Kim Nam Gil better :)

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