All About Life~

I love all the tracks in this album ♥ . My fav. is Let’s step up for their tapping movement, Shampoo for their instruments & Play Ur Love for the RnB tunes. And for the other tracks? I just love them too!^^ Happy hearing! Sure it’s a good album ♥ :)

Download :

01. Let’s Step Up
02. Shampoo
03. Virgin
04. 뱅(Bang)! (2011 New Recordings)
05. Play Ur Love
06. Dream (feat. Pre-School Girl 윤조)
07. 너 때문에 (2011 New Recordings)
08. 시간에 기대어 (Raina Solo)
09. 잘 지내고 있죠
10. Funky Man (Nana Vs Lizzy) (feat. Pre-School Girl)
11. My Bell (Jung-A Solo)
12. When I Fall (2011 New Recordings)
13. Shampoo (Radio Edit)

credit : ihoneyjoo


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