All About Life~

“Words are powerful. Don’t use them to hurt or humiliate. Use them to help and heal.” I think I can give this favourite quotation of mine to KNG :)…Even KNG is still in military services, he didn’t forget caring to the children…By thinking, words & action, KNG gave it all to the people he loves :)…

5th of May is Korea’s Children’s Day, Kim Nam Gil personally wrote messages and handpicked cards, pink for girls and blue for boys for the handicap children over at Raphael House where he volunteered before. Kim Nam Gil’s manager along with DC fans went over to send the gifts, the teachers who received them open every single card and read them to the children. The teachers are very touch by Kim Nam Gil as he remembers the name of each and every child.

For the Jun Hae with an angel’s smile
Jun Hae yah~ The big brother here who’s still considered beautiful when smiled have been thinking of you.
How good will it be if that blissful smile stays on forever.
5th of May, not being able to play with you,
I’m sorry.
Till the next time we meet,
stay healthy, be happy and blessed

The Jun Hae that I love~

Gifts From Fans

Translated from Chinese @ Baidu
credit : belleva@


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