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Here is KNG’s Pictorial Book chapter 28 : Type AB + Pisces. Are you a Pisces? How lucky you are! Hahahaha^_^…I think lately KNG needs some more privacy. However the fans actually just want to know how’s he well going…And I hope KNG will meet with his nice woman someday! *ouw ouw just imagining KNG in wedding suit is kinda cool!!**^^

‘No matter by who, or anyone, I don’t like to be obstructed in whatever I do
I really dislike having my own private space invaded.
No matter in what circumstances, I still want to separate a space of my own
this way, will I be able to come to like anyone?
No matter who, if they make things difficult for me, be a hindrance to me
I will dislike the person right away
it is to this extent, towards someone like me
who will possibly fall in love with me. Although this is the case, I still often
feel lonely, long for love….’

2010 February, a diary entry on a certain day.
In addition, on the same day, on a certain magazine I saw
type AB, Pisces.

‘Nature of perception is sensitive, a clear mind, able to know a person’s heart clearly
having the capability of using one’s own
quick mind and flexibility to withstand obstacles.
Possesses distinct thought process and calm reasoning
has a slight aspect of being nervous, sticking to trivial matters
it is very important to boldly gain control of the heart.
The type with intense curiosity towards others, using an exquisite innate nature
firmly believes in one’s own judgments which are based on feelings.
Instead of logical reasoning, mood and emotion comes first.
Even after becoming an adult, the desire of pursuing one’s dreams will not be forgotten.’

‘Appears to be a fussy partner
but will realize is a good person once in an actual relationship.
Will not ponder over complicated interpersonal relationship, belongs to the tranquil type
well rounded in every aspect. Therefore there is no need
to sacrifice one’s own personality and ideas in order to accommodate the other person.
Encountering when each person is on equal terms, itself is the ideal way of an encounter.’

‘Generally, is the person who first proposes marriage
in respect to females, there are a lot of situations where they proactively pursue you.
As a result, it is still long before you are determine to get married
due to having almost no progress, it often cause the
female side to feel very uneasy.
Using this chance, it will be a good thing to
fix your indecisive nature.’

credit : belleva@


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