All About Life~

Dolce means sweet in Italian. Hearing this album somehow remembering me with something mysterious & gothic^__^. Kanon Wakeshima (born July 3, 1988) is a Japanese singer & cellist. I think people who is familiar with Vampire Knight anime know who she is^^. My fav. track in this album are track no. 3 Shinku No Fatarhytm, track no 10 Kuroi Torigako & track no 13 Sweet Dream ♥

Download :

1. Sweet Ticket
2. 真紅のフェータリズム (Shinku no Fētarizumu; Crimson Fatalism)
3. 鏡 (Kagami; Mirror)
4. Still Doll (Album Ver.)
5. マボロシ (Maboroshi; Illusion)
6. アンニュイ気分! (Annyui Kibun!; Ennui Feeling!)
7. 砂のお城 (Suna no Oshiro; Sand Castle)
8.  Monochrome Frame
9. L’espoir  ~魔法の赤い糸~ (L’espoir ~Mahou no Akai Ito~; Hope ~The Magic Red Thread~)
10. 黒い鳥籠 (Kuroi Torikago; Black Birdcage)
11. Skip Turn Step
12. 白い心 (Shiroi Kokoro; White Heart)
13. Sweet Dreams


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