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Long time not read Saitou Chiho manga, so i decide to pick this one. This is all about ice dance skating. I hope Barcarolle will continue this project^_^, still much volumes to go. Just want to know how Suzu-Gilbert pairing skates will overcome all the challenges. And just wondering who will Suzu choose, Romain-kun or Itsuki-san?^_^


Mangaka : Saitou Chiho
Year of Published : 2007
Genre : Drama, Josei, Romance, Sports
Scanlator : Barcarolle, Stage Storm

Reading Online :

Download :

Download via Official Forum (Barcarolle). I appreciate their hard work that’s why I don’t give direct link to mediafire. To thanks to them, you can be this forum’s member and click the download link there after reply to the topics^^ :

Yukino, a single skater who had to quit because of a lession, goes to say her farewell to the ice rink where she used to practice and is now being demolished. Itsuki Kouga, a former skater and head of the group in charge of the demolition notices her skills and makes a proposition to her: to pair up with Romain Guilbert, a half Japanese half canadian skater who ranked 6th in the Junior World Championships, for ice dance.


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