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Daisy (데이지) K-Movie OST

I really love this one full album OST. Since the opening song I’m sure I must get this OST because their opening song is new beginning & a hidden love, my most fav. one! Begin with piano ballad, then continue with the orchestra, the last part with string & vocal part..really niceee! :)) My another fav. one is track no. 10 heart flutters, nice guitar & orchestra :). I am really happy, this I can call a nice quality OST, all the tracks just really wonderful :). Track no. 1 & 22 is the song & melodies when Hye Yeong died, it’s really sad…Track no. 8 is the backtheme when Park Yi met with Jeong Woo in the car. For people who loves classic & for people who loves lovely melodies, this one is recommended for you ^_^b.

Download :

01 . Daisy (Hey)
02 . New Beginning
03 . Transformation
04 . Untitled 0’47”
05 . The First Sight
06 . A Hidden Love
07 . Another Man
08 . Juin:Barcarolle – Les saisons,op,37A 2’01”
09 . Standing on the Daisy Hill
10 . Heart Flutters
11 . Confession I
12 . Encounter and…
13 . Parting
14 . Chaos
15 . Love Goes Astray I
16 . Love Goes Astray II
17 . Crisis
18 . Confession II
19 . Freedom Under Restraints
20 . Juin:Barcarolle – Lessaisons,op,37A
21 . Repentance
22 . Daisy (Inst Ver.)


Comments on: "Daisy (데이지) K-Movie OST" (3)

  1. the link no working… :(

  2. the link is broken. can you fix it please?

    • or can you please upload it again with your personal account if you take the download link from somewhere else? I’m dying to listen to this soundtrack and I hope you will help me as well. thank you. :”)

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