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Heaven’s Postman K-Movie OST

For people who loves calming music, this OST suit you :). Especially after you watch the movie, you will love it more =). Mostly this OST include piano compositions, some guitar & vocal part. My fav. one is last days of autumn since I love autumn & I love the instrumental. It makes you think “wah sometimes time move too fast sometimes quite slow. but as long as we can enjoy it, we can still move on :). don’t give up”. I also love a letter to you and rainy sunday. For people who love Jaejoong & Han Hyo Joo, I think you will love the movie & the OST too. Enjoy^^v

Download :


1. Intro..
2. Last Days Of Autumn (Theme, Guitar Ver.)
3. 언덕 (Hill)
4. A Letter To You (Prologue, Piano Ver.)
5. Something Suspicious
6. 구름이 비가 되어 (Cloud Cause Rain)
7. Last Days Of Autumn (Theme, Original Ver)
8. 낯설은 얼굴 (A Strange Face)
9. 사랑하는 사람에게 (Only You)
10. 우편배달부 (Postman)
11. A Letter To You (Prologue, Original Ver.)
12. One & Only Love For Me
13. Rainy Sunday
14. Anytime (With Min Who)

credit : kpop7


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