All About Life~

A Beautiful Mind OST

This album was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Score. The original score and songs were composed and conducted by James Horner. I love all the composition! But my fav. one are some pieces that have fast piano like A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics & Cracking the Russian Codes :p. For you who love hearing movie score, this one is quite good!^^v


Download :

1. “A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics”
2. “Playing a Game of ‘Go!'”
3. “Looking for the Next Great Idea”
4. “Creating ‘Governing Dynamics'”
5. “Cracking the Russian Codes”
6. “Nash Descends into Parcher’s World”
7. “First Drop-Off, First Kiss”
8. “The Car Chase”
9. “Alicia Discovers Nash’s Dark World”
10. “Real or Imagined?”
11. “Of One Heart, of One Mind”
12. “Saying Goodbye to Those You So Love”
13. “Teaching Mathematics Again”
14. “The Prize of One’s Life… The Prize of One’s Mind”
15. “All Love Can Be” (Charlotte Church)
16. “Closing Credits”



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