All About Life~

For people who love hearing drama’s score, this one album is good! I love hearing instrumental & I can hearing it all the day he3 :). My most fav. one is track no. 8 Puchai Waltz. Each drama brings their own waltz score and this one is quite lovely. Just like in The Classic, Spring Waltz K-Drama etc..I love their waltz scores too :). Waltz giving you such a happy feeling & open your eyes that this world is quite beautiful, yet waltz also brings some of your meaningful memories back. Happy hearing then guys =).

Download :

01  The Fire Of Love
02  Hot Spade
03 Endless Crying (Cyber Voice Ver.)
04 Always Here
05 Fire Flower
06 Liar
07 Yellow Party
08 Puchai Waltz
09 Black Warrior
10 Attention
11 Kwang Hwa Moon
12 Puchai Love
13 Gun Fighter
14 Deep Inside
15 Eagle Eye
16 Sad Run
17 Red Water
18 NaNa`s Theme
19 Nice Play
20 Morning Garden
21 Aria Of The City
22 City Hunter
23 Glory Of The City
24 Dead Or Live

credit : kpop7


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