All About Life~

My fav. song in this album are Me, In, Stop!, Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix) & Be My Baby^^. I love Me, In for the rock concept *can’t wait for the MV! Actually the 1st teaser that WG revealed some days ago is Me, In teaser not Be My Baby teaser ^^, don’t get disappointed guys, I think this song”ll be nice on the MV! Talking about Stop! hahaha I love the lyric & the beat! *Stop, stop thinking about me! :p. Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix) gives you some jazz style, really nice I love it! And of course for Be My Baby song people love it for its catchy dance, energic tune…kinda remembering us with Beyonce – Single Ladies. But I think everyone bring their own effort to make this. WG Daebak! This new album is nice :)!


Download :

01 G.N.O.
02 Be My Baby
03 Girls Girls
04 Me, in
05 Sweet Dream
06 Stop!
07 Dear. Boy
08 두고두고
09 SuperB
10 Act Cool (ft. San E)
11 Be My Baby (Ra.D Mix)
12 Nu Shoes


credit : kpop7


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