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Adhitia Sofyan is a singer from my country. My bestfriend told me about this album, I really love it! ^^ For acoustic lovers, this is a nice album for you! I love all the songs, the lyric is nice. I feel like he said some things that I really want to say ^^. It’s interesting to know some meanings behind his songs. I give the download link on the album title *you can click it, he gives free download link from his wordpress blog. No regret hearing this album, hope your day will be more relax & brighter :). My fav. songs especially are Immortal Mellow *suddenly remembering me with Twilight Saga, Gaze *I really love this song, The Stalker, After Rain *I love the lyric & I love the earth after rain! :) ♥ Hope you will enjoy the album & don’t forget to visit his blog & give comments if you love his album! ♥ :)

Forget Your Plans

1. Forget Jakarta’
2. After the Rain
3. Carnival
4. Immortal Mellow
5. Gaze
6. Don’t Look Back
7. Secret
8. The Stalker
9. Dark Side
10. Midnight
11. In to the Light
12. Bandaged

Forget Jakarta

About the song :

For all our love and hate towards the city of Jakarta.

I’m waiting in line to get to where you are

Hope floats up high along the way

I forget Jakarta

All the friendly faces in disguise

This time, I’m closing down this fairytale

And I put all my heart to get to where you are

Maybe it’s time to move away

I forget Jakarta

And all the empty promises will fall

This time, I’m gone to where this journey ends

But if you stay, I will stay

Even though the town’s not what it used to be

And pieces of your life you try to recognize

All went down

I travel the world to get to where you are

Strangers i met along the way

You forget Jakarta

Leaving all the lunacy behind

This time give me back my sanity

Yeah I’m still on my way to get to where you are

Try to let go the things I knew

We’ll forget Jakarta

Promise that we’ll never look behind

Tonight, we’re gone to where this journey ends

And all the pictures that you try to loose

Will follow you behind like ghosts do

And all the lies you try to keep

Have fall behind to catch you even more

After The Rain

About the song :

The simple thought of missing someone that’s far far away.

If I could bottled the smell of the wet land after the rain

I’d make it a perfume and send it to your house

If one in a million stars suddenly will hit satellite

I’ll pick some pieces, they’ll be on your way

In a far land across

You’re standing at the sea

Then the wind blows the scent

And that little star will there to guide me

If only I could find my way to the ocean

I’m already there with you

If somewhere down the line

We will never get to meet

I’ll always wait for you after the rain


About the song :

Against all odds, meeting that special stranger for the second time and not taking the time for granted.

I do remember your name

We met at the carnival

You said till we meet again

I guess here we are now

And I don’t even see

Why we can’t stay a while

No we should not be afraid

Of going through the silly things

It might just uncover a path

To a similarity

No I don’t even see

Why we can’t stay this time

Till grass on the hills getting longer

They’re waving at us to be seen

That face on the moon’s getting brighter

But he’s going down anytime

Nobody knows what’s tomorrow

It might brings us to our last

Do you remember the time

When they were the simple things

Where I just looked in to your eyes

Then we’ll be connected

Still I don’t even see

Why we can’t stay this time

So let me remember the shape of the evening

Cause when the day’s over who knows when I’ll see you again

I do remember your name

We stayed at the carnival this time

Immortal Mellow

About the song :

I’ve always fascinated about vampires and glad I could write a song about them. This is a story about the immortal being who falls in love with a mortal like us.

Secretly I’ve been in love with you

From the dawn of the days where the vampire roams

But you just couldn’t see it

I won’t appear on your mirror

And every morning when I come home

To get away from the light that can send me to hell

Even though I was hiding

I’m still on the run with those sinners

And everyday in these thousand years

I’ve waited and waited

For one of these days I can see the light

And finally see / feel you

So I’m sitting here singing immortal mellow

For it’s night slowly turns into life

I’m watching you singing immortal mellow

While I stand by your window tonight

When day turns to night everything will fall

Into places where mortals and sinners collide

I would tell you a story

Of how would a man gets / got his freedom

But still in the end everything still falls

Every time that day comes to blinded the earth

I was thinking of staying

Just lay on the grass till its over

I want to touch you in bright of the day light

Where you say to my face that my spell’s finally broken

Lets see what they run after forever’s fall

In this underworld


About the song :

Having a moment where you’re looking at that beautiful stranger you’d wish they’re yours.

Stay a while,

I’m gazing the way you move, from far

Never look back since then

I wont have to wander the woods again

Stay a while,

I’m watching the story goes so far

Only a little while It seems

fits right in to my head but then

Lights go down curtain falls

That’s how this story ends

As the day passes by

I knew that this gaze was long overdue

Stay a while, still gazing the way you move, from far

I’m taking it harder now I know,

Shows coming to an end it seems

Stay a while, I’m taking my final gaze you see

Gonna look back this time I will

wander the woods again my dear

Night will fall you see the city glows again

You see the morning comes to soon

That’s how the circle goes around

Here and there always a story from somewhere

Always another line to say

No I won’t stay along this line

of broken pieces lying somewhere

Don’t Look Back

About the song :

Being left behind by that special someone and pretending to be strong.

Don’t look back

I’ll be holding your picture

Until you walk into the door

In this old house

I’ll be spending my time

Watching the dust flying in the wind

Waking up to empty Saturday nights

Wonderful time of the day

Secretly wasted and hopelessly fading

Till you walk into the door

Don’t look back

You go full speed ahead now

While these walls

Freeze me back in time

In this old / small town

I’ll be spending my time

Watching the lights went down /go down in the night


About the song :

That secret thought behind your head that you’d always want to steal the one you want from others.

Can you keep a secret, Just a little secret

It wont take much of your time

Maybe it’s the weather, I don’t really bother

I’m just trying to make you mine

Leave your boring castle

Run with me

And when you hold my hand

I’ll be all right I would not cry

In to the open air

We’ll see the light along the way

Will you take a moment, just a little moment

It wont take much of your plan

If destiny is waiting, tell her I’ll be walking

Cause I’m not playing the waiting game


Maybe it’s the weather

I don’t really bother

I’m just trying to make you mine

If destiny is waiting

Tell her I’ll be leaving

Run with me

Run with me

The Stalker 

About the song :

It’s great isn’t it that there are numerous social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter available in this romantic age? you can always have a look out on that special someone that doesn’t belong to you without having to leave your spot.

Every time you run away

I’ll always gonna find you

You’re always be found

Every place you hide away

I’ll always gonna guest it

‘Cause you’re predictable

So Let it be, I stay your back and breathe

Can’t / now you see, there’s no way n hell

You can escape me

Every time you see the rain

I’m every drop that you feel

And anywhere the sun would shine

I’m every ray that you feel

Anywhere you’d be right now

I’ll always gonna find you

The city is mine

Every scent you left behind

I’ll always gonna feel them

Cause I know ‘em by heart

Dark Side

About the song:

Tried to deliver a story without being too descriptive this time, a bit poetic if you like. This one tells a story about regret that doesn’t work.

Have you heard

The world keeps spinning round and round

Until you see the lines finally broken in to

Right or wrong ,You know its only fun and games

Until you loose, and they’ll know the dark side of you

Oh well, tell them to someone who listens

Cause I will be long gone and life should get back to it was

But stay a while we talk about the morning plans

And all the lies, yeah I’ll buy you breakfast and all

After all you’re free to roam wherever

They might take you they might want you to be

We’ll know the dark side of you

Oh dear, I know how you feel

The weigh of the world is in your hands


About the song :

Can’t go to sleep, that special someone annoys you in your thoughts, and it makes you exhausted.

Here today gone tomorrow

Washed away all my sorrow

There will be a time when I will come and find you again.

Leave the light on your window

I just might try to follow

There will be a time when I will finally find you

But midnight close my eyes I’m tired I’m fading

I am only human, Searching

Places I wont go where your name are written

We’re all only human, faking

Stay a while fill my hollow

Till the sky turns to yellow

There will be a time when I will come and find you again.

See the time has gone too narrow

They’ll be things you can’t borrow

There will be the day when I will finally find you

In To The Light

About the song :

Death, Munkar-Nakir and Padang Mahsyar.

In to the light, we disappear

The lights went off the day we die

And aren’t we all just a dust

Fading in the air

Aren’t we all, aren’t we all

For all that we are, just a dust

Fading in the air

Aren’t we all, aren’t we all?

In to the light, this chapter ends

Two men will come, tell them no lies

Wake me up when it’s all gone

You’ll see the story remains

Walking down the fields of rain

You’ll see your tears run in vain


About the song :

My take on the famous Romeo and Juliet story, those who are obsessed with being with each other till the end of time.

You and I bandaged hand in hand

And we walk to the bridge up the hill

This time around nobody would see

How you hair’s finally grown to the ground

In you all I wanted, In you everything

In to you I believe, everything will fall down in the end

You and I bandaged hand in hand

And in time we’ll be bound for the light

This time will be forever till the end

Where the white river flows on the hill

Valley of darkness you listen to what I say

When we walk upon you, you raise up the fiery stand

Wrath of the ocean you stay under my command

When we sail upon you, you raise up the thunder and storm

You and I bandaged hand in hand

Then we jump from the bridge up the hill

credit :


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